Riley Price, AJ & Tyler Sweet

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Description: Its not often I top in a hardcore scene--mainly because when other studios hired me they would only use me as a bottom. I basically stopped asking studios if I was topping or bottom--I knew my fate. One of the perks of running your own studio is that you get to dictate whether your fucking or getting fucked in a scene. When I saw AJ and Tyler's photos I knew instantly I wanted to fuck both these adorable twinks.They arrived at my loft and we got right to it. Both gentleman took turns sucking the life out of my cock while the other cleaned my as with their tounge. This got me so riled up I told Tyler to bend over where I fucked the innocence out of him. Next up was AJ and his cockiness was something I felt needed to be taught a lesson. I enjoyed fucking AJ cause to fuck someone as cocky as him and hearing him scream is gratifying.
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