Travis & Trey Teasing Delila

Duration: 16:58 Views: 12K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2011
Description: Travis and Trey got together once before when they tag-teamed Ashley. Travis pounded the hell out of Trey – and Trey couldn't wait to have that big cock in him again. This time around, they fucked in front of Delila to tease her. She's such a voyeur, she gets almost as much enjoyment out of it as the guys do, whether she gets to play or not! Trey is already hard before Travis even kisses him. Trey stands on the bed and Travis sucks his cock. Trey slaps it against Travis' tongue. Trey sucks on Travis' thumb as he plays with Travis's cock through his shorts. Trey wants that cock in his mouth! Delila tells Travis lick Trey's chest, but he doesn't stop there. He uses his tongue to enjoy Trey's whole chest and stomach. Once both of their dicks are out, Trey strokes them together. He deepthroats Travis' long cock. It makes Trey's eyes water, but it doesn't stop from going back down all the way. Trey sucks Travis' balls and deepthroats Travis again. Delila licks her finger, definitely teased by what she's seeing. Nobody gets into sex quite like Trey. He eats Travis' ass out eagerly. He tongues Travis' hole, and slides a finger deep inside as he rims him. Travis returns the favor. Trey goes face down into the bed, moaning in ecstasy. He begs Travis to keep eating his ass. Travis tongues him deeply. Delila observes Trey more than “likes” getting rimmed like this. Travis teases Trey's hole, sliding his cock up and down it. Finally, Travis pushes his dick inside Trey. Trey says, “Oh, your dick feels good!” Travis spanks Trey's ass and then ramps up the intensity. He pulls Trey's head back by his hair and jackhammers his big cock into Trey's hot ass. Trey loves getting fucked by Travis' cock, especially as Delila watches them. She plays with herself as she watches these two studs fuck so hard. They get on their sides and Travis shoves his dick back inside Trey as they kiss passionately. “Fuck me!” Trey says as they kiss. He sprays a huge load all over his tight abs. Trey yells as he shoots all over himself. Travis pulls out and blasts his load all over Trey's nuts. Trey says he almost wants Travis to get back inside him. Delila says she hopes they are staying hard, because now she wants a turn!
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