Kasper Arley & Dennis Nicolero

Duration: 15:18 Views: 12K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2017
Description: Twink massage and foot fun for horny uncut boys 2017 The setting is stunning, with the incredible backdrop of the jungle behind them, but our attention is soon redirected when handsome boys Dennis Nicolero and Kasper Arley begin their innocent massage. Of course, it doesn't remain so innocent for long. Kasper's slippery hands are soon exploring his friend's naked body, but when Dennis reveals his throbbing young erection for his friend to play with things become a lot more erotic between them. What might have been a simple massage soon becomes an incredible dick-pleasing encounter, with hard young shafts slippery with lube, hands and mouths exploring stiff young inches of boy boner, and bare feet played with and used in their masturbatory experience. The sight of Dennis humping his cock between the bare slippery feet of his handsome blond pal is enough to have us all stroking along with them, but hold back for the final moments as Kasper erupts his hot milky cream out over his smooth body and Dennis decorates his gorgeous bare boy feet with his own gooey juices.
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