Cory Kane & Taylor Reign 2018

Duration: 29:59 Views: 7.5K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Note From Jake Jaxson: Today we are excited to present the first CockyBoys Fans Only release Taylor Made by our very own Taylor Reign, with the newly minted CyberSocket Best Newcomer, Cory Kane!! If you don’t already know it, Taylor is one of those guys who has to ALWAYS be doing something. He is so creative and focused because he is always trying to improve and try something new. Beyond that, he takes great pride in his work which has really been a personal inspiration to me. It’s challenging to keep someone like Taylor busy, which put him on top of my list when it came to focusing him on creating his own CBFO Studio Imprint. Trust me, this is going to be one to watch because there is so much more than what meets the eye when it comes to this beautiful and unique boy! Love always, Jake Jaxson Scene Description: In Taylor Reign's first CockyBoys Fans Only release he hooks up with Cory Kane and gets to have sex the way HE likes to have it: passionate but rough and aggressive and at his own pace. Cory is totally on board from the start, servicing Taylor's cock and savoring every inch. Taylor returns the favor sucking Cory with the same focus and soon they effortlessly flow into a 69. Just as naturally they transition to a rimming 69 and are lost in each other's bodies. They shift positions and mix things up and becomes clearer that Taylor really wants Cory's ass. His lips, probing tongue, and playful bites move Cory into moaning submission and Taylor makes his move. He gets on top of Cory and glides his cock between his ass cheeks, teasing him slightly. He slides into Cory and pins him to the bed with deep, relentless fucking....the way they both like to give it and get it. Taylor moves Cory to his knees to fuck him against the headboard, adding in some manhandling to his control. Cory gets his turn by rimming Taylor with the same focus and then straddling Taylor on his back to give him more cock to swallow. While Cory has him on his back he shifts to fucking Taylor hard and deep before giving him a taste of his own medicine by pounding him against the headboard. They flip once again with Taylor thrusting into Cory on his back. This time he doesn't quit until he's fucked a thick load out of Cory and soon after Taylor licking it up and glazing Cory's hard body with a thick load. And so they kiss and keep kissing ...paying mind to no one's timetable.
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