Chandler Fucks Reed

Duration: 22:48 Views: 14K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Chandler and Reed are watching a show on Chandler's phone, when they decide to put on a show of their own … and it's a lot hotter! The guys rub each other's legs and arms and almost immediately, the phone is forgotten! Reed is all over Chandler. Chandler and Reed 69 each other, Reed choking down as far as he can on Chandler's monster dick! Reed climbs up on top and rides Chandler's cock. Then Chandler bends him over and fucks him doggy-style, making Reed take every inch of his dick. Reed sucks Chandler and then takes his cock in the missionary position – and ends up cumming pretty much hands-free! He strokes the rest of his cum out and then Chandler feeds Reed his big load!
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