Connor Maguire Fucks Logan Blake

Duration: 14:56 Views: 22K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2015
Description: It's rub down time, and Logan Blake is ready for some penetrating pressure on some sore spots. Logan gets right down on his stomach as Connor Maguire works his magic with his big man paws, starting at the shoulders and then working his way to the small of Logan's back where the soreness seems to be concentrated. But Connor just can't quite seem to get at the area that really needs it. So he unbuttons Logan's jeans and slides them down, revealing the muscle group that is hungry for attention. Connor kneads Logan's cheeks and then alternates with some tantric tongue action, wandering down Logan's crack. Connor pulls apart his buddy's cheeks so his tongue can trace circles around Logan's hole. With a little spit, Connor's tongue dives into Logan's velvety smooth hole. Then he whips out his cock and leans into Logan's ass, pressing his cock deeper past Logan's sphincter to give his hole some deep-tissue action. Connor's pelvis thrusts and grinds into Logan as he arches his back to take Connor all the way in. Then he flips Logan over and throws his legs in the air so he can plow his hole deeper. He pounds mercilessly at Logan's prostate. The two kiss deep as Logan's toes curl tight from the action. Then Logan straddles Connor's tool while his buddy slams his cock past the second ring. Logan eats it up as he bounces on Connor's rod. Grabbing his buddy's cock. Connor edges Logan close to cumming with his tight grip before easing back. Then Logan grabs hold and in moments he sprays a load all over Connor's chest and abs. With Connor's chest nicely glazed, its now his turn to blow his load onto Logan's outstretched tongue. He gushes streams of white hot cum across Logan's face, and Logan laps it up until it's all gone.