Easton & Smith Hook Up

Duration: 18:09 Views: 18K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2013
Description: Both Easton and Smith are part of a crop of new CF models showing us these young upstarts are just as capable of getting in to some wild, hot, intense and passionate sex as the other studs who've come before them. Sure, Smith and Easton are both incredibly hot to look at. But neither one stands on looks alone - their initial ventures in to guy/guy action have shown us they love having amazing sex and letting us all watch them do it! Smith, in particular, blows me away with each new video - he held out from guy/guy sex for awhile but as you see him writhe around on the bed here and attack Easton's cock with his mouth before throwing his legs up in the air to get fucked, you can't help but be completely ecstatic he finally agreed to have sex with another man! For his part, Easton makes for the perfect partner here - he's full of endless energy and enthusiasm and there's no doubt he can not get enough of drilling Smith's hole with his hard dick!
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