Quinn Feeds Tyler

Duration: 21:03 Views: 9.2K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2014
Description: We’ve seen Quinn get fucked like a champ on numerous occasions, so episodes like this are always a welcome reminder of how great a top he can be. Quinn has to be one of the most sexual guys at CF, and that’s a big part of what makes him so hot to watch while he’s getting fucked. His sexual energy and enthusiasm are just as evident and just as strong when he’s on top, though - not to mention the fact that he has himself a big, thick dick that was made to plow some fellow CF stud hole! While he could be one of the more shy and quiet types at CF, Tyler is anything but while he’s on the receiving end of an energetic fuck from Quinn here. Tyler’s grunts and moans are loud, he pushes his ass back to take as much of Quinn’s cock as possible, he rides Quinn fast and hard, and his own cock is rock-hard the entire time he gets drilled by Quinn until he fires a huge load all over. What may have been the best part of this episode for us here at CF was just how naturally both of these guys took to it. This genuinely was a case of just flipping on the cameras, stepping back, and letting them go at it!
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