Locker Room Mind Fuck

Duration: 14:52 Views: 16K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2020
Description: (Models Daniel Hausser, Sgt Miles aka Sergeant Miles). Sgt Miles is in the locker room after a hard practice. There’s a new guy on the team and Miles can’t figure out why he’s even there. He mumbles to himself about it when the new guy, Daniel Hausser sneaks up on him and starts to flirt. Daniel cut the butt cheeks out of his baseball pants and tries to show off his work, but Miles is clearly not interested. When Daniel reaches for Mile’s cock, Miles slams him against the lockers and chokes him. That’s when Daniel puts a magic crystal collar on Miles and gains complete control over his tough and strong jock body. First Daniel sucks his hot teammates big cock. He’s been wanted to all day after seeing his huge bulge. He snaps Miles in and out of it while making Miles fuck his brains out. Every time Miles becomes aware, he threatens to kick Daniel’s Twink ass, but quickly he is back under Daniel’s control.