Boy River Chapter 1

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Description: Boy River Chapter 1: The Merchandise - Marcus Rivers, Legrand Wolf. I love being objectified… The way I feel when all eyes are on me and I’m only seen as a fuckable piece of meat is a rush like no other! I love being used and toyed with, giving up my bodily autonomy to a dominant man and letting him control my pleasure. That’s what made Master Legrand’s offer so tempting. The tall, handsome man spoke to me with such power and confidence, telling me of the opportunity to have my fantasies fulfilled. I could tell he was sizing me up, taking stock of my physical attributes, as if he was eyeing a shiny new product. It made my heart race and my cock hard just thinking of the offer he proposed. All I had to do say yes… I don’t know if it was my attraction to him or the fantasy that made me do it, but I wanted to feel that rush again and again. I wanted to be someone’s plaything, valuable and covetted. I knew Master Legrand could make that happen. I was blindfolded as we made our way to what he referred to as “the shop.” The blindfold didn’t come off until I was deep inside the building, away from any markers or signs of location. I got nervous for a moment, knowing that I had no sense of where I was, but I swallowed my fear and enjoyed my building erection. This was real… I was his! Away from the rules of the outside world and in this secret space, I was ready to have my fate decided. Master Legrand put on a mask and led me through a black curtain. As we moved through, I saw bright spotlights pointed at me as men whispered quietly behind them. I couldn’t make out who they were, but it was exciting to think that they were there to watch me… To possess me. To claim me as their own! Master Legrand guided me onto a raised platform, putting me on display for his guests. I looked up at him, desperate for him to dominate me, and turned on by my current situation. He ran his hands over my body, teasing my nipples, making me beg for more. I couldn’t take my eyes off him… I hoped he would do to me what I’d always dreamed about without having to ask for it. It felt so good! He held me in place, toying with my mouth, lightly smacking my body, and putting me in my place. I was so horned up, I almost completely forgot about the onlookers behind the lights. He pushed me on all fours, pulling off my pants quickly and aggressively. A part of me felt fear, but I knew this was just part of the thrill. I’d been conditioned to expect civility and equality, to reject being pushed around. I knew I had to let that go if I was going to become a good piece of property. Despite my brain’s discomfort, my heart and cock were at peak arousal! I knew I made the right call… Master Legrand pulled down my pants, exposing my ass to him and who knows who else. He continued to rip them off, stripping me completely naked with just a couple tugs of the fabric. My eyes stayed on his hands, curious as to what he’d do to me next, and knowing that I was in no position to stop him. He tugged at my testicles, tightening them in his grip; forcing my ass to rise up and present my hole. His hands fell hard on each cheek, slapping again and again, raising red imprints on my ass. With each impact, I felt my cock growing harder in his hand; eager to feel it again and again… I would do anything for him! Anything to feel like his property — his piece of ass! As others looked on, I knew they were hoping for the chance to use me just like this...
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