Cory Kane & Gabriel Clark

Duration: 28:44 Views: 17K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2019
Description: Cory Kane finally gets the scene partner he's wanted since he first appeared at CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark! Previously their timing was off but now in this condom-free scene the timing is perfect, especially for Gabriel who's in the mood for a submissive bottom! While telling Cory how he'd want to slowly seduce him, he just does it and gets him hard and naked. All Gabriel has to say is "turn around" and Cory is gulping down on his cock. Cory devotedly sucks Gabriel who can't resist reaching over and fingering Cory's hole and telling him how he wants him to suck his cock & balls. He tempers his dominance with passionate kisses and that just makes Cory more excited to please him with considerable deep sucking. Soon Gabriel gets Cory on all fours to rim & finger fuck him and flips him on his back for more and suck him into further submission. Finally Gabriel gets Cory to sit on his cock and Cory quickly gets wildly uninhibited, bouncing up and down on his cock. Gabriel uses Cory's hole but saves the best for the bed. He teases his hole and then pounds Gabriel on his stomach and on his back relentlessly, slam fucking a load out of him. Gabriel pulls out and shoots what may be his biggest load yet all over Cory's hole and into him. As they make out once more Cory says he hasn't been fucked like that in so long. Yes Cory, that's because you've been "Clark'd"