Hard & Wet Scene 1

Duration: 24:34 Views: 3.0K Submitted: 3 months ago Year: 2011
Description: Gabriel Lenfant and Jessie Colter Piss, Suck, and Fuck. Rising porn star Jessie Colter dominates the camera without inhibition. He’s an unabashed power-bottom who leaves everyone breathless with every thrust and pound he takes. Here in “HARD & WET” he’s paired with the gorgeous and sexy Gabriel Lenfant, and their sexy agenda is clear: lots and lots of piggish and raunchy play! The devilish duo begins with torrents of piss; Jessie is on his knees as Gabriel pulls down his jockstrap and lets loose his hot, golden stream. Jessie loves piss in the mouth, and he loves spitting it back onto Gabriel even more! They switch spots, putting Jessie on top, showering Gabriel’s handsome face with a river of filth. The highlight of the scene explodes on the screen when Jessie hops on Gabriel’s dick and riding him to completion, all with continuous showers of piss while they fuck!