Bench Pressure (Antony Carter, Lucas Drake)

Duration: 26:17 Views: 9.3K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2019
Description: Looking as hot as he does it's no wonder Lucas Drake gets the attention of local lads like Antony Carter. Not much needs to be said when Antony takes a seat beside him on the park bench and asks for a light for his cigarette. The two get closer until handsome Lucas is has his hand on his new friend's leg and within moments he's suggesting they go back to his apartment. It's an open invitation for some BoyFun, and one that young Antony isn't going to refuse. The boys only get as far as the kitchen before Lucas is making a meal of his guest's big uncut cock, an rigid length of delicious dick that he certainly knows how to worship and slurp like a pro. His lean young friend is loving it, but can Antony gobble a dick with equal vigor? It turns out he's had more than a little experience. Buff Lucas reveals his fit body and his turgid member for Antony to taste and the slobbery sucking the guy delivers has Lucas oozing precum and gently moaning appreciative noises. After a repeat performance of greedy knob gobbling from our handsome jock lad he turns his attention to Antony's tight little pucker, one leg up on the counter to give his pal perfect access to his most private place. Lucas sets to work, his tongue darting into the snug little hole and lapping at the creased opening, an almost virginal offering he can't wait to slide his naked cock into. Some might think the kitchen is an adequate place for such bareback delights, but Lucas is eager to take his friend to the bedroom where they can really get down and dirty. Antony gets another opportunity to suck on that hard jock dick and gives his buddy some hole licking too, but it's soon clear he craves that cock in his butt. Sliding his eager rump down on Lucas he throbs with delight, his cock rigid and his balls bouncing while he eases up and down, the experienced inches of fuckmeat prodding his chute. Taken from behind and spooned on the bed the lean and pale young man is soon struggling to make it last, his cum load rising with the intensity of his moans and groans. Lucas is determined, fucking his bareback hole in rapid thrusts while his own climax approaches. As Lucas watches his friend gushing cum over his tight stomach his own cock is massaged by the convulsing pleasure inside Antony's ass, quickly bringing the lad to his own sticky conclusion. The buff lad's juicy load splashes from his hooded meat, raining down over Antony's chest and bringing their afternoon encounter to an impressive end. No doubt these boys will be swapping numbers and staying in touch after this!