Alex Blade and Jared Cloud

Duration: 16:34 Views: 12K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2021
Description: Alex Blade is just setting up his massage table as Jared Cloud walks thru the door. Jared sits down and Alex begins gently massaging his neck and shoulders before helping him slip out of his shirt. He has Jared lie down face first and Alex continues rubbing the tension out of Jared's back. Alex's hands slip beneath Jared's pants and he pulls them down and off leaving Jared lying there wearing only his underwear, which do not remain on for very long. Alex grabs the bottle of oil and slowly works it into Jared's back, then moving down to his firm, tight ass, his legs and finally his feet, making sure to focus on each toe. Alex has Jared roll over so he can work on his front side and to Alex's surprise Jared's thick, uncut cock is rock-hard and standing straight up. Obviously, someone's enjoying getting a rub-down. Alex can't resist this thick meaty treat and he starts massaging Jared's cock with his wet tongue and mouth. Jared moans deep and long as he is thoroughly enjoying this part of the massage. Alex starts massaging Jared's cock even faster and as Jared moans louder, his balls all but disappear and he blows load after load of thick creamy jizz; some shooting all the way up to his chest. I'd say that Alex definitely managed to work out any tension Jared was feeling at the time.