Truth or Dare 02

Duration: 33:53 Views: 3.9K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Paul Delay, Bastien Leray, Timeo Blondel, Benjamin Dubois). "An Amazing Twinks Orgy" In this new episode of our game "Truth or Dare", discover Paul Delay, Bastien Leray, Timeo Blondel and Benjamin Dubois very naughty and full of energy! After taking turns asking intimate questions and revealing their little secrets, the four boys are led to perform very suggestive actions and they begin to jerk off to each other before sucking each other off. After steamy foreplay Paul, Bastien, Timeo and Benjamin are going to fuck in every sense and even perform a very exciting little train fuck before Bastien dominates the group and takes turns fucking his three buddies. This hot orgy of course ends in an outpouring of sperm and it’s the very naughty Benjamin who will collect the semen of his friends in a final bukkake.