Study Break Boyfriend

Duration: 23:56 Views: 1.5K Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2020
Description: (Models Johnny Walsh, Theodore Wright). Handsome Theodore Wright is very much the responsible and studious type, always seeking to improve himself and learn with his face in a book. But even he can't resist the distraction and temptation of BoyFun when a gorgeous friend like young Johnny Walsh stops by his room for a little relaxation. With a little playful wrestling on the bed their lips are meeting and in no time at all Johnny is working on releasing his friend's urgent dick from his jeans, starting with some nipple licking and working his way down until he's sucking on Theodore's big pink balls and slurping his hardening length. Johnny's cock is ready for the boy when his proud appendage is revealed, a long and stiff pink staff eager to be licked and sucked by the sexy Frenchman. The boy shows his skill, making clear that he's learned more from experience than just books as they swap their boners and Johnny gets a little licking of the boy's hole. It's the signal young Theodore needs and without much fuss he's offering his bareback ass for his friend to slip his naked cock inside, being buggered deep from behind and taking a ride on Johnny's long dick in the chair before laying back and giving his buddy full control once more. With that wet cock pumping in and out of his snug little pucker Theodore spurts his juicy load over his smooth and slim body, the sight of his intense pleasure is enough to have Johnny quickly delivering his own gushing finish to double the mess. Whatever Theodore is studying for he's already got top marks from us.