Payton - Solo

Duration: 11:42 Views: 61K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: SEAN CODY HITS PAY DIRT WITH PAYTON When the first word out of my mouth after opening Sean Cody is “WHOA!”, I know we’re in for a treat! And a treat new model Payton is, with a handsome face anchored by slate blue eyes and an absolutely beautiful body anchored by the squarest, most perfectly formed pecs I’ve seen in quite some time. Payton offers no clues as to his orientation, speaking ever so briefly at the start about wanting to live on the beach. Then we see him rub two out in a row with no interview in between. First thought: Sean’s going to make us wonder on this one. Second thought: I don’t know if my gaydar went off here so much as my “paydar”, as in: Sean Cody stands to make a ton of money off of Payton if he comes back for some guy-on-guy action. And if he hesitates, then Sean needs to get his checkbook and write a big one. Odds of Returning: Seventy five percent. I hope I’m not kidding myself.
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