Tagging Avery

Duration: 19:25 Views: 18K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2012
Description: I think Avery‘s in for a fun Labor Day! Connor and Chandler team up to tag team the cute freshman with two of the biggest cocks on campus. They get right to work, Connor kissing Avery’s nipple and Chandler reaching around to grab Avery’s cock inside his briefs. Avery sucks Connor’s big dick while Chandler goes down on Avery. Connor lies down and Avery swallows his cock while Chandler fingers and eats Avery out. Chandler pushes Avery’s head down onto his huge cock. Connor comes in from behind, sliding his dick into Avery’s tight ass. Avery sucks on Chandler’s nuts as he strokes Chandler’s cock. Connor pounds Avery’s ass. Avery sucks Chandler’s balls as Connor sucks on Chandler’s dick. “Fucking choke on that dick,” Chandler tells Avery as he makes Avery deep throat his cock. Meanwhile, Connor doesn’t let up, pounding Avery as Avery tries to swallow Chandler’s entire cock. Getting Avery on his back, Chandler feeds Avery his dick as Connor slides back into him. Connor smacks Avery’s ass as he fucks him. Chandler shoves his cock down Avery’s throat. Chandler holds Avery’s legs back so Connor can go in even deeper. Chandler gets on his back so Avery can ride his dick. Chandler drills deep into Avery’s ass as Avery blows Connor. Connor slaps his cock against Avery’s face while Chandler fucks Avery. Avery swallows Connor’s dick. Chandler pounds Avery from underneath. Avery gets on his side as Chandler goes back inside him and Connor feeds him more cock. Chandler fucks a load out of Avery. Cum splatters his stomach and then Connor feeds Avery his load. Chandler pulls out and blows his cum all over Avery’s chest and stomach. It sure looks like Avery enjoyed his labor of lust.